Diary #7

hey it's cole again, i'm writing this as i sleep i just wanna quickly jot down that it feels weird to be able to sleep peacefully for once, for those that aren't insane imagine trying to sleep but all you can hear are at least 10 different conversations happening and you can't possibly reason with the people talking and imagine that happening for centuries and then for the first time ever, they stop and you can think clearly, that's what i'm experiencing it's pure fucking bliss and i don't know if i would be able to live without the voices being silent since i have started taking these if spider can't get me more pills if i ever run out i will probably break down sobbing, it's fucking hell to listen to that every night and be so tired then when you finally do sleep it's the most horrific nightmare you have ever seen for several nights in a row it makes you not wanna sleep, anyways that's all for now stay frosty my friends