Diary #6

it's been a hot minute hasn't it? a lot has changed, terminal is back- well sparrow she changed names anyways uhm a couple nights ago spider recommended that i take some meds for the voices and it actually worked, i'm able to think clearly and to as i please without being bombarded on a different note the moon took away my pills and now i have to rely on spider for the pills luckily spider is a really good friend and isn't asking for much in return, it's funny i'm so used to working for people that are complete assholes and now i have to rely on someone i guess that's just how the cookie crumbles, fun fact i am now dating isaac and chris yes chris allowed it before you get all upity. i may or may not have been looking through old memories and old videos, i miss how it was so simple and now the moon is constantly on my fucking ass so i barely have anytime to relax let alone leave the house, anyways i don't wanna get too upset isaac is sleeping on me afterall so i think i'm gonna end it here, until i write again stay frosty