Diary #4

if i didn't have that wedding then those people wouldn't have died, things would have been different, things wouldn't be the way they are now things would be better god i just can't stop thinking about it, i have made it my mission to protect the kiss and i have failed it SO MANY FUCKING TIMES, I COULD HAVE SAVED HARMONIA BUT NO I STOOD THERE LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT i could have changed sooner i could have been a better person sooner if i wasn't so fucking stupid, maybe luna is right maybe i don't have a moral compass god i haven't felt this way in a long time, i just hope that i don't snap one of them my reputation is already in the fucking garbage i don't want it to get worse, hell if it gets worse i might just get kicked out of the house, then again for what spider did im not sure why harmonia hasn't told them to not return to the house if they could kill that tv person so easily then who else could they kill? i know im not one to talk about this but the times i have hurt everyone it wasn't my fault it never was it never was it never was it never was it never was it never was it never was.